Our approach to partnerships is based on the creation of a synergistic network, where collaboration between partners is crucial for success. We believe that the most effective projects are born from the combination of the skills of the various actors involved, combined with active and inclusive involvement. Our philosophy is based on an open approach to the needs of the client, recognizing the importance of listening carefully to understand the specific requirements. We focus our business on the design and development of active ingredients for cosmetics, tailored to customers who are looking for exclusivity and innovation. Our collaboration with diversified partners allows us to create synergies, ensuring that each project reflects the unique needs of the client, with the possibility of developing patentable ingredients for "tailor-made" products.
Not only cosmetics
Our commitment is not limited to cosmetics, but also extends to the development of ingredients for nutraceuticals and medical devices. This diversification allows us to apply our expertise in a variety of fields, always with the aim of offering high-quality and innovative solutions.
PlantaRei is sustainable innovation.
Nature provides us with many examples of partnership, such as the relationship between mycorrhizae and plants. Mycorrhizae are fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plants, providing them with nutrients and water in exchange for carbohydrates. This relationship is essential for the health of forest ecosystems. Our vision of partnership is inspired by nature. We believe that open collaboration, sharing of skills, and adaptability are essential for success in business. We aim to create added value in projects that combine creativity, scientific knowledge, and a shared commitment to excellence. We are also open to the possibility of patenting unique ingredients to meet the most exclusive market demands.
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